Search engine optimization is used to increase the traffic of your site to promote your own personal agenda or an online business venture. Many Webmasters take advantage of the Internet to increase their popularity without even taking into consideration the proper methods to get this done.

In truth, search engine optimization is not a simple process. It involves a lot of time and effort on your end to get it done. But if you get it done perfectly on the first try, then it is quite possible that you will be wallowing in success in any venture that you turn your site into. Interested? Read on further!

Basic SEO: Understanding Search Engines

Before you can start implementing SEO methods and strategies on your site, you first need to understand how search engine works and how it can increase your site traffic when used. First, search engines are online tools that allow an individual to search for information in the broad expanse of the Internet through the use of keywords.

Search engines will use the keywords keyed in by the user and look for specific matches in different sites on the World Wide Web. If a match is found, it will be placed in search engine results for an individual to use.

Note, however, that not all results from search engines are useful to an individual. In most cases, the first page of search engine results are the most utilized of all. So in order to increase the traffic of your site using search engines, you need to target the top rank list to be successful in this project.

Keyword Optimization

Since keywords play an integral role in search engine results, its only sound thinking to place these in your site so that you will be included in search engine results – this method is called keyword optimization.

The first step of keyword optimization is to come up with a set of keywords that will reflect the content of your site. Try to vary your keywords so that you can expand your search engine coverage with it.

Now that you have come up with a set of keywords to be used in your site, you need to place it in strategic areas to maximize its use; such places in your site include:

• Site address or domain name
• title of your site
• description of your site
• content in different pages of your site

Note, however, that spamming these keywords on your site can guarantee a high ranking position in search engine results. But the only drawback here is that you can get banned by these search engines or your site gets black listed in their index.

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There are a lot to learn in the real estate business, especially now that the real estate market is taking hit, we all know that it is a cycle, sometimes it’s on the boom sometimes on the bust, but regardless of what kind of status the real estate market has there are still ways to survive in this kill or be killed business. Online real estate has offered a lot potential investors and companies that would like to enter the arena or battleground of real estate market. It has the basics and the information that one needs to be able to keep up in the inconsistent world of real estate. So I will give you tips on how to at least be in the know when it comes to online real estate business.

There are a lot to learn in the real estate business, especially now that the real estate market is taking hit, we all know that it is a cycle, sometimes it’s on the boom sometimes on the bust, but regardless of what kind of status the real estate market has there are still ways to survive in this kill or be killed business. Online real estate has offered a lot potential investors and companies that would like to enter the arena or battleground of real estate market. It has the basics and the information that one needs to be able to keep up in the inconsistent world of real estate. So I will give you tips on how to at least be in the know when it comes to online real estate business.

First off, Overcome Internet Skepticism, the first perception of internet these days is the number of problems they can encounter in there, like scammers, viruses, spam etc. What you need to make them more confident I using internet is to remove their internet skepticism. It is vital that you remove their fears on it. Assuring them that they are secured and they will have the benefit of getting vast knowledge with your website will be a key.

Next is Focus on Lead Capture, in this one you will have the chance to make your website traffic into a website lead, in which traffic will turn into lead and from there leads will be produced. It is also essential to gain more info about traffic so that you will know how to take advantage on it.

Increase Website Usability, to earn from Internet Real Estate marketing more, increasing your website’s usability is a vital key as well. It will enable you to increase popularity by just making your website usable. It is simple, if people can’t use your website, how will you let them do what they want with it? So it is vital to give knowledge on some simple how to steps.

Minimize Distraction for your Website, distraction is the main enemy of any website and it is also the main villain for internet real estate marketing, because when a customer goes to your website, you have like 5-10 seconds to impress and you don’t want some pop-ups gets those seconds would you? So, it is vital to eliminate those.

Create Resource Section, to attract search engines and potential clients your resource section is vital because they can help a lot to help your website build popularity. Search engine optimization or SEO takes place in stuff like this so it’ll be better for your website to know something about it.

So there you have it, 5 helpful tips on internet real estate marketing. There are more strategies to consider when using the internet as a tool for your success, but the best tool you can have is yourself, you can research on some more tips or you can formulate your own, it is up to you. It’ll be best to take opportunity to make things happen for you and your business.

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Social bookmarking has been in existence for a number of years now. However, people still discover new concepts as they learn more about the Internet marketing world. They also discover new things on how to best get traffic to sites and blogs. Social bookmarking is an organizational process that takes steps further by making public the list of sites that you frequently visit.

How well do you understand social bookmarking? It is the process of organizing websites that a user would like to re-visit. You can also bookmark them on a special social bookmarking website. You will find a list of the top social bookmarking sites that you can join to add your favorite sites to.

In social bookmarking, the sites that make public can be seen by anyone who visits the social bookmarking sites and looks up the keywords you used to describe your bookmarked sites.

Making your list of popular sites public will give you the capability to share information with others who are looking for the same type of information. This will also allow other users to find a list of sites that display exactly what they want just by logging into a social bookmarking site and typing in some relevant keywords. Social bookmarking does not only let you find links to sites that you are interested in. You can also find out who has bookmarked your own site and how popular it is.

With all these benefits, social bookmarking has a major role in generating traffic to your sites and blogs. You may also set up your blog to link to your favorite tagged sites and allow your blog visitors to easily bookmark your site. – Advanced Social Bookmarking

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Social networking has morphed into a typical medium for a lot of teens and adults nowadays to socialize with a lot of different people all around the globe through the Internet.

These social sites enable users to provide information about themselves to other users through the profiles that they create in these sites. They are also able to share pictures, videos and use blogs and private messaging in order to communicate with their friends or family members just to keep in touch. That is why it is important to know the possible pitfalls of social networking online.

A lot of social networking sites nowadays attract pre teens and even kids with ages ranging from 5 to 10. While these sites do not allow the same kind of information that teens and adults disclose in social networking sites, it is still best for the parents to help their young children socialize safely online.

Help Kids Understand What Information Should Be Private

The most common downside of social networking is disclosing so much information about yourself and the end result is that it is being used by other users to your detriment. As a parent, you do not want this to happen therefore, you should educate your children as to what information should be kept private and what are those that can be disclosed to the public.

Privacy Settings

Some social networking sites offer privacy settings which enable the user to choose the people who can have access to his or her profile. Teach your child how to use these strong privacy settings to limit users who can view their profiles and see the contents that are posted in your child’s website.

Know The Means By Which Your Kids Get Online

A lot of kids are accessing the Internet through cellular phones. Find out the limits that you can place on these cell phones so that you can increase the safety of your children socializing online. Some cellular companies offer plans that have limited downloads as well as limited Internet access.

Talk To Your Kids Regarding Social Networking Etiquette

Social networking etiquette should be properly observed when using the services of these social sites in order to lessen the chances of danger and risks associated to social networking. Tell your kids that whatever they post in their profiles as well as in other profiles have consequences such as posting threatening messages, spreading rumors online and the like.

Above all, take time to read the privacy policies of the social networking sites that your children are fond of. Spend time reading the FAQ’s and the parent’s section to understand and know issues as well as features that can enhance the safety of your kids socializing online.

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The leading business search engine, directory and pay-per-click advertising network, has recently announced the release of 2008 B2B Search Marketing Strategy Guide: Advice From the Pros, a free whitepaper that helps B2B marketing professionals deliver better search marketing ROI.

The guide, released by, is based on survey responses from 144 marketing agencies currently managing paid search and search engine optimization (seo) efforts for business-to-business clients.

According to respondents, certain B2B trade characteristics, which include the length of the sales cycle, target audience attributes and search engine dynamics and features, lead to different goals, strategies and tactical priorities for B2B search marketing.

“The business buying process differs from consumer buying, and search marketing strategy must adapt to effectively address unique business marketing challenges,” said Ben Hanna, VP, Marketing at “This strategy guide synthesizes best practices from the front lines to help marketers deliver better results paid search and seo results with less effort.”

The whitepaper also includes a comprehensive B2B search marketing agency directory, including agency services, location and contact information., a wholly owned subsidiary of R.H. Donnelley Corporation, is the leading business search engine, directory and pay-per- click advertising network.

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At present, a lot of Web users are in a rush to get some .EDU backlinks. Now, why are they in a rush to acquire this stuff? It’s simple.

Since websites ending in .EDU are considered trusted sites by Google, they are generally credible, and often webmasters think that a link from an .EDU page with PageRank is more valuable than a link from another page with the same PageRank.

.EDU Backlinks Carry Greater Search Engine Weight

Today, it is generally accepted that .edu and .gov backlinks carry a larger weight for search engine algorithms. Despite the fact that search engine giant Google has never admitted it, most seo and online marketing analysts confirm that .edu and .gov links outperform other extensions in terms of search ranking and leverage. There are several ways to collect those links, and they usually depend on whether your blog or site has content that is relevant to educational and governmental websites or not.

How Would I Be Able To Get A .edu Backlink?

The first step in acquiring a .edu or .gov backlink that points to your website, is to locate sites related to your topic ending with those extensions. One way would be to use the Google operator, and combined with the keywords of your blog.

This should enable you to find an extensive list of such sites. Once you have a list of sites, try exploring them and select the ones you think would have a higher probability of sharing some external links with your blog. Lastly, contact the webmaster of those sites and point them to the content on your blog that could be relevant and valuable to those sites. It is always a good idea to link first to the sites before requesting the backlink.

Look For Sites or Blogs That Have Similar Content To Your Site

By using the Google operator, and the keywords of your blog, you should be able to locate an extensive list of sites related to your keyword. Those operators would filter and show you only sites from .EDU or .GOV domains related to your keyword. An example would be, typing these in google: “keyword”,
or “keyword”. Remember to notify the webmaster and tell them about your blog, link to them first and then ask for permission to get linked on theirs.

Look For .EDU Blogs or Forums

In searching for .edu blogs, you could also use the Google operators too. With the following operators typed in Google, you could limit the Google search to blogs or forums with the .edu extension related to your keyword.

Ex: inurl:blog “keyword”

Once you’re in, do your best to participate in the forums and discussions. And it’s important that you don’t SPAM, since this would be highly unethical. Then after, you may leave your link there.

Aside from the methods mentioned earlier, there are also other ways to get a link to your site from an .EDU website. One good example would be to design or sponsor a theme for a blogging engine, and hope that an .EDU page will use it, which happens sometimes.

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Search Engine giant Yahoo! has announced the availability of its mobile search engine beta, OneSearch in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, with localized content presented in Spanish and Portuguese.

OneSearch improves consumers’ search experience on mobile devices by integrating content from a variety of sources across the open Web, providing consumers with access to localized news, financial information, weather conditions, Flickr photos, Yahoo! Answers, Web images, as well as Web and Mobile Web sites.

“Yahoo! OneSearch has changed mobile search by fundamentally improving the way consumers access and use the Internet on their mobile phones,” said Bruce Stewart, vice president and general manager, Connected Life Americas, Yahoo!. “By extending the premier mobile search service tailored to the unique needs of the Latin American consumer, we’re providing compelling mobile experiences to millions of people and driving further usage of mobile Internet services in the region.”

For example, if a consumer wants to track the stock price and latest news for a certain company, just type the company name or ticker symbol into the search box. The oneSearch results list the company’s Web site and stock quote, followed by recent news articles and Web and Mobile Web results. To dig more deeply into the results, a consumer simply needs to click on any item or category. For instance, by clicking on the ticker symbol in the oneSearch results, the user will be presented with in-depth financial information and company statistics as well as a stock chart showing recent performance.

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