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BusinessFor people who do not possess telephone at home and for those who are always on the go, using prepaid calling cards can help them communicate. Communicating is very important, so people are always looking for ways to keep in touch easily.

With the use of these cards, you will have a convenient and affordable way to make calls when you are away from your family friends and associates. These cards are being sold in lots of stores, shops, hotel lobbies, bus terminals, airports and on the internet.

These cards come differently; each differs in rates, services and features. The rates for making long distance calls can vary from each card provider and can be based on the country you are calling. Although, these cards provide lower rates in making international calls rather than a telephone firm’s international rates.

Typically, these cards have a toll-free access phone number and a personal identification number (PIN). This PIN should be dialed each time you make a call. But there are cards that do not have PIN, if you prefer to make calls without dialing PIN, find a card which has PIN less feature.

It is best for you to find a card that has the rate, service and features that you need and want to gain satisfaction and convenience. You can look for few cards and compare each.

Use the internet in searching few cards. But make sure to go with reliable websites. If you are searching for websites, do not go with a single-page site, find with multiple pages site in order to gain the necessary information you need.

You have to research for a while in order to find the one that can suit your lifestyle. There are some cards that come with different fees such as maintenance fee, connection fee and so on. So you have to know if the card you are intend you purchase has these fees and gain better understanding about these fees, so that you won’t be surprised as you use this card.

Check out the expiration date as well. Better to buy a card with longer expiration date. To avoid inconvenience, consume your account before the expiration date.

These prepaid calling cards can be use any time and any where you are, since you can bring with you these cards. These cards are handy, so you put on your pocket each time you go out, so you can make calls any time and any where. You can use prepaid calling cards with any regular phone, cell phone, pay phone and at the hotels.

If you are searching for the best tool in communicating, you can use prepaid calling cards. Just make sure to pick the one that suit your needs.

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Thursday, January 10 2008 @ 09:42 PM Central Standard Time

Compared to a hundred years ago, or even 50 years ago, the world has become smaller thanks to the advancement of technology specifically telecommunication. A person from the US could easily talk to a loved one in another country, say somebody from Spain for example.

But this advancement in the world of telecommunication has not only provided advantages to users but to business minded people as well. It has given entrepreneurs a window of opportunity to have their own business and make money. The question still stands though – is it a lucrative business? Well the answer is yes and no.

A prepaid phone card business or any business for that matter is only as lucrative as how you manage it. You already know that there is a demand for prepaid phone cards but what are you going to do about it? What are your plans?
The success of a prepaid phone card business is about making the right choices. So plan ahead, try to look at things at several different angles then make your choice.

Choosing a Market

Actually, you really do need to have to make so much effort in choosing a market because you have everybody as your target market. And most often than not, it is the market that chooses you. But it may pay off to know what percentage of everybody will be more frequently buying from you. The result of this will help you determine whether what type of prepaid cards to sell and how many should you order so that you won’t go out of stock.

Knowing what type of market will be a very good aid in creating business strategies. And if all goes well, the prepaid phone card business is as lucrative as it can be.

Choosing Your Distributor/s

Before you can start selling, you need to go buying. But which distributor should you choose? How will you know that this certain distributor is better than other distributors? It all comes down to services.

A good prepaid phone card distributor is a company that provides good deals for prepaid phone card businessmen such as you as well as providing competitive services to users.

The latter is more important than the former. You should always provide your market the best of everything as possible because one mistake like selling prepaid phone cards that provide poor services can be fatal. You will never have that customer again and worst, by word of mouth, you will have an awful reputation which will keep new customers from coming in.

Choosing To Be Lucrative

Being lucrative is a matter of choice. Any type of business can be lucrative if you choose it to be. But choosing is not just a matter of answering yes or no. It is about making an effort of making your business lucrative.

The prepaid phone card business can be very lucrative if you choose it to be. Just be patient and plan things out first so that you will make the right decisions.

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Tuesday, November 06 2007 @ 08:19 AM Central Standard Time

Consumers today would probably rank the invention of the prepaid phone card as one of the best innovations in telecommunications industry. However, some would stil ask, does it really offer people convenience?

The first prepaid phone cards were created in 1976 in Italy to compensate for the shortage of coins at that time. By then, consumers just inserted the cards with magnetic strips in the payphone, and then started calling right away afterwards. While consumers are doing a call, the call credits are deducted at rates that depend to where or when they are calling.

Thirty-years after the development of the first prepaid phone card, they still exist and have been improved on a wider scale. Prepaid phone cards today now utilize smart chips instead of magnetic strips, as these cards can already be used with any phone, anywhere and at any given time.

Prepaid Phone Cards Are Handy Calling Devices

Despite its small size, a single prepaid phone card can hold a hundred dollars worth of prepaid call credits. Because of its slim, paper-like structure, consumers have the convenience of putting it in any pocket. Another advantage offered by prepaid phone cards would be its many features. The major aspect of prepaid phone cards is that you can call using any phone, anywhere at anytime.

A mobile phone with no talk time left, can use a prepaid phone card to call practically anyone worldwide. The urgent need to call a business associate or co-worker overseas immediately would not be a problem anymore, with the use of prepaid phone cards. The ability of calling anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world allows for flexibility of use. Advances in technology have definitely made the world a much smaller place.

Major Features Of Phone Cards

Here are among a few of the many unique features prepaid phone cards offer over standard telephone services and connections.

– Affordable Rates . Prepaid phone cards generally have much lower long distance rates, in both international and domestic calls, than traditional long distance services (even voip). By using a prepaid phone card you can easily save up to 95% on your long distance costs, without switching long-distance carriers to receive the competitive rates.

– Ideal For Travel & Vacation. For business travellers and tourists, ensure that they buy a prepaid phone card to take with them. Travelers can definitely save on long distance calls made at major airports, many hotels, and on your cell phones. It’s always a good idea to first contact your mobile service provider and hotel to make sure they accommodate phone card usage.

– Ease Of Use. Consumers can use phone cards from your home phone, cell phone, or office phone without having to discontinue existing long-distance service. And in most cases, a phone card will offer better per minute rates.

– Convenience & Time Saving Features. Some prepaid phone cards also offer convenient time-saving features that enable them to be easy to use. Callers are advised to select for phone cards that offer PINless Dialing, Recharge, and even Speed Dial.

– Helps Individuals Budget Their Long Distance Costs. Consumers can buy a card with a large denomination, or settle only for those that have an appropriate number of smaller amounts to fit their monthly long distance calling needs. In doing so, consumers could accurately pay as they go, and need not fear about getting unexpectedly large phone bills at the end of the month.

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Tuesday, November 13 2007 @ 08:21 AM Central Standard Time

Voiceserve, Inc., a UK-based company which serves European, Middle Eastern and African phone customers with voip and Pay As You Go services, has announced that it has signed a contract with Reston Communications, a veteran leader in the global calling card market.

Under the agreement Reston will use its expertise and experience introducing Voiceserve to calling card distributors in the United States and Europe. Voiceserve CEO Michael Bibelman commented, “The Reston team are highly regarded and recognized as the pioneers of marketing and sales within the calling card business since its conception.

With Voiceserve’s infrastructure, plans are on the table to attract American and European calling card distributors that will benefit from Voiceserve’s platform. Reston’s corporate and commercial ties, including relationships with Nasdaq quoted companies, will contribute very positively to Voiceserve’s expansion plans.” adds Bibelman.

Voiceserve is a UK-based provider of low-cost Pay as You Go and prepaid cell phone services via the Internet to customers primarily in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Products include Voice over Internet Protocol (voip) airtime minutes bundled with optional convenient features, including virtual numbers, direct dial, web callback, call forwarding, Softphone and no roaming.

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Prepaid phone cards are affordable, handy and convenient calling tools that you buy for a set price to make competitively affordable local or long distance phone calls.These types of call cards are usually sold in set dollar denominations or with a pre-loaded number of minutes. These prepaid calling cards have recently been gaining headway in the United States, across North America and overseas as well.

These communication devices provide their users a unique way to minimize costs by allowing them to track and monitor their international calls. The limited amount of minutes in a specified call card restricts consumers from making calls that are too long, as such, its limited amount serves as a reminder for users of the importance and worth of every minute of an international phone call.

International Call Cards Offer Affordable Long Distance Rates

Overseas prepaid call cards basically offer a much lower long distance rate to international destinations than the traditional long distance services, which even include voip. By using a prepaid phone card, consumers may be able to save as much as 95% on their long distance costs. With the savings, there wouldn’t even be any need to switch long-distance carriers in order to be able to get the competitive rates these types of cards offer.

Distinct Features Of Overseas Call Cards

Most new international phone cards offer useful, and necessary time saving features that make them as easy to use as picking up your home phone and dialing. Callers need to just select the call cards that offer PINless Dialing, Recharge, and even Speed dialing benefits.

There are many phone card providers in the market today, and each differs with the rates, charges and services they offer, as there are also cards that offer local coverage and even international ones. Consumers need to know the features and services of every card, so that they would be able to buy the call card that would be suitable to their needs and preferences.

What To consider Before Buying An International Phone Card

Before purchasing a phone card, you should be able to discern the terms and conditions laid out by any phone card you are considering. Some call cards have short-term expiration dates, and some charge a weekly or monthly maintenance fee. It is vital that you know the billing increments, because some cards will bill in full minute increments, however there are some that bill in 4-minute increments, and also those that bill in 1-second increments.

The increasing awareness by consumers of the benefits of prepaid call cards has led to the sharp growth in this market. It would be safe to say that the market for these communication tools has been dynamic and feasible, and is encouraging more players to enter the playing field.

An expanding market for call cards encourages competition and as a result, creates a wider business environment that is favorable to consumers. Each prepaid card provider seeks to increase its consumers and because of this, it finds ways of making its products more affordable and attractive to buyers.

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Monday, January 07 2008 @ 12:28 AM Central Standard Time

Most people avoid making international calls because they’re afraid to expect to receive high charges that get billed at the end of the month or billing period.

However, with the entry of prepaid phone cards, this terrifying specter now remains only a nightmare of past consumer horror stories. This is because consumers encounter no monthly phone bills when it comes to using these call cards. Since the cards are prepaid, consumers get to control their phone call budgets, and limit calls to the basic and important ones only.

After each use, you can check the balance of your phone credits and plan on future calls. With this feature, consumers can monitor and track our call history as well. There are no contracts for consumers to sign, so you need not worry that you might have neglected to read the fine print that could cause you to pay for other additional charges and fees.

Prepaid phone Cards Also Enable Tax-Free Overseas Or Local Calls

The convenience of prepaid phone cards does not stop there. They generally can be used to contact your friends or relatives who may be anywhere in the world. They are flexible enough to accommodate calls not just within your local range but overseas as well.

Because phone card vendors and resellers are saving on marketing and other operational costs, customers are also able to benefit from their savings. It is noted that with using phone cards, one may be able to avoid the cost of taxes which come with the use of standard telephones in making international calls.

Consumers Need Not Worry About Excessive Call Charges

Probably one of the most practical methods of keeping in touch with family, kids, co-workers and friends, without the need to pay for excessive phone charges at the end of the month, is to have these phone cards. Most consumers who generally have been using these call cards have found out that using it for long distance calling really does make sense. These prepaid cards have various practical uses.

Call Overseas At Competitive Rates

If you find it hard to get a good long distance phone service at a affordable cost, then prepaid phone cards can surely help you out. These prepaid cards can be the answer to your needs for a lot of reasons. With prepaid call cards, you pay as you go so there will never be a chance that you have to pay for huge monthly long-distance phone bills.

As long as you charge your long distance calls on your phone card, expect that you only have to pay for basic service. However, you have to first go through the motions of dialing the card number before making a call.

There are plenty of prepaid call cards and each differs with rates, prices and services, and there are also cards that offer purely local or international coverage. Each prepaid phone card has different features, so you have to purchase the card that goes well with your needs. It would be helpful to gather enough information about the prepaid cards and compare each.

There are phone cards that offer low call rates but have hidden high surcharges, and there are those that offer high call rates with low surcharges. Consumers need to properly weigh things out before choosing the one that suits their preferences. If you are making long calls maybe about 10 minutes and more,a card with a high call rate and low surcharge is recommended.
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Wednesday, January 09 2008 @ 02:41 AM Central Standard Time

BusinessThere are plenty of people who are separated to their family and friends by great distances, it can be due to work or they live far from them. It is quite hard to have family or loved ones living hundreds of miles away from you.

Definitely, you want to always keep in touch with your family or loved ones to know how are they doing and so on, so the best thing is to contact them. If you can’t be there for them, the only way to extend your love and care to them is to keep in touch.

Thanks to our technology nowadays that they have come up with facilities such as computer to computer voice calls and email. These facilities can truly help people to keep in touch and communicate.

Unfortunately, there are people who are not capable enough to handle such facilities such as grandmothers and grandfathers who are not competent enough to connect microphones and headphones to the computer and not familiar enough to use the computer to send and receive emails. Yes, there are some people who are not capable enough of using such facilities, so the best option for them to keep in touch is with the use of telephone. Yes, it maybe an old-fashion way of communicating but it is the easiest and most convenient way of communicating.

There are some people who are afraid to make long distance calls because it is expensive. It will certainly give you high monthly bill each month if you always make long distance calls. Fortunately, technology has cut the distance barrier since you can make affordable long distance calls. But low rates are not available by your telephone company; all you need to do in order to make affordable long distance calls is to purchase a prepaid calling card.

If you want to enjoy about 50-70% savings, you have to purchase a prepaid calling card which you can use in making long distance calls. But this actually depends on the brand of prepaid calling card that you purchase and the location you are calling at. Now, you are definitely aware that they are masses of different brands of prepaid calling cards out there, so you need to do a simple research so to find the one that can suit your needs.

Prepaid calling cards are indispensable to lots of people especially to young students, professionals who travel a lot, people who live far from their family. They use prepaid calling card with regular phone. Actually, it can also be use with payphone and hotels. It is truly convenient, right! Good news about prepaid calling cards is that it comes in handy. You can bring prepaid calling card with you any time and any where you are since you can put it in any of your pockets.

These phone cards can be purchase almost everywhere. The most convenient way to purchase a prepaid calling card is through the internet. You just simply visit an online prepaid calling card retailer, choose the card you want among the many, create an account and pay with your credit card. So simple, isn’t!

Because there are lots of prepaid calling cards out there, you are advice to do little research about the prepaid calling cards. Check out there rates, fees and services, and then decide from there.

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