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prepaid phone cards are commonly-used, convenient and user friendly devices that many individuals use for making international or domestic phone calls. While many have found these devices to be truly useful, some call cards, sadly, have been involved in some manner of phone card fraud.

Phone card fraud refers to the theft of a firm’s or users ‘ telecommunications service, and this has been an ongoing concern for many consumers, government regulators and private telecoms providers. However, if the individual consumer is not vigilant, and does not report fraudulent charges, the fraudsters and scam artists out there will continue to rake in profits, and fool more customers.

Consumers Should Play A Wider Role In Fighting Call Card Fraud

Since most local phone card providers and firms are required by law to bill for other firms that provide telephone services, there is a wider possibility that fraudulent charges or transactions may appear, and could land on your phone bill. Consumers are an important asset in fighting fraud in a ll forms, and should play a larger role in helping eradicate phone fraud, because frequently the first step in detecting a fraudulent transaction or scheme is by identifying and reporting illegal, or unauthorized charges that appear suddenly on your bills, or may suddenly wipe out your card’s remaining balance.

Scam Artists Are Still On The Prowl For More Phone Card Victims

Despite frequent crackdowns and ordinances or measures implemented to fight phone-related rip-offs, the scam artists and thieves are still out there, busy creating new methods of committing phone card fraud. These mindless individuals always seem to find newer methods of getting out of reach of regulators and the phone firms that try to close in on them.

You could be a potential victim of a so-called phone company “salesperson,” who is out to trick you into switching your prepaid card for something else, or may give you false claims to entice you on transferring to their service, which in the end, could result in you seeing your card’s remaining call times to be suddenly wiped off the system.

Fighting Back Against prepaid Card Fraudsters

If you discover unauthorized charges or other evidence of fraud, you need to quickly report these to your local phone firm, long distance carrier, or through the state public service or utility commission. You may also send in your complaints to the offices of the Federal Communications Commission for proper resolution of your concerns and problems. You also can ask your calling card firm to issue one that does not have your PIN on it, or you may also memorize your PIN and do not write it on the card itself, to prevent it from being seen by others.

The increase in the number of prepaid phone card providers in the market these days has been triggered by low start-up costs. In a large number of of cases, some service providers have taken customers’ money and left them with nothing but worthless cards. There also have been other reported forms of unlawful or deceptive marketing methods and practices involving prepaid call cards, and some phone card providers also have been noted to fail to tell consumers about fees, surcharges and other costs, or hide them in small, difficult-to-read print.

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International prepaid phone cards enable users to make calls around the globe. Wherever you are, you stay connected to your loved ones and associates. No extra fee is applicable to activate the card, along with no maintenance charge and no contracts.

These phone cards allow you to make calls from any landline home phone, office phone, pay phone, cell phone, hotel rooms, etc. International prepaid phone cards are fully refundable. Callers can use it from their cell phones and save extra money. These cards also enable you to use it around the globe. You can also refill it from any other country over the phone or by internet.

These cards, which are also called debit cards, are used to make long distance telephone calls. Phone cards are prepaid by the purchaser, usually in cash, and offer the consumer the convenience of making long distance calls, domestically or internationally.

Calls are usually made by calling a 1-800 number and entering a Personal Identification Number (PIN) printed on the back of the phone card. Customers normally purchase phone cards with specific dollar denominations.

Why International Phone Cards Offer Affordable Rates

The major reason why international call cards offer such affordable rates to call internationally is because of the unique technology used. Service providers selling phone cards use a combination of voip (Voice over IP) and regular lines to get a relatively good balance between call quality and low prices.

In addition, since the cards are pre-paid, which means you pay in advance for the specified talk time, other costs reduced, like the ones for collections or debt retrieval.

Long-Distance Rates Are Set By The Carriers

Phone cards provide long distance minutes based on the specific rates set by the carrier. As calls are made, the usable minutes are automatically deducted from the card balance, which is either recorded on the card itself or on a main computer through which the calls are routed.

Some cards are also re-chargeable, which allow the user to add more calling time by dialing a toll-free number or accessing a web site and using a major credit card. Prepaid phone cards are sold in many locations like convenience stores, groceries, discount stores, department stores, and small markets and shops. They can also be purchased online.

These Cards Can Be Recharged And There Are No Expiration Dates

International call cards offer flexibility of use for callers. There is no expiration date for the prepaid card, and users can also recharge the card over the phone or internet. You can set up your self for automatic roll over, wherein if the balance gets low to a certain amount, then the card is recharged automatically. You do not have to worry about the balance amount and remember the refill date. The card will be refill automatically. All you need to do is set up for this type of plan.

Prepaid phone cards have been a fast-growing business for the past decade, and from the very early onset, it was marked with a lot of problems, until the industry stabilized itself. At present, one can find a lot of phone card suppliers, which offer relatively the same rates.

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Most of us want to purchase products which we can save lots of money. In terms of making calls, prepaid calling cards are the best communication devices that can help us make calls conveniently and can help us save lots of money.

Prepaid calling cards can be seen in lots of convenience stores, supermarkets and even online. In using prepaid calling cards, there are lots of benefits that one can get. One of which is that it can enable you to make international calls any time and anywhere.

You can actually choose domestic or international phone cards; it really depends where your calls will be. You can use prepaid calling card to call your loved ones, family, friends, and business associate, anywhere they are or you are.

With the use of prepaid calling card, agreements are not necessary and there are no monthly bills. Indeed, it can give you convenience. Yes, prepaid calling cards are convenient enough to use since it come in handy. So if you are a person on the go, prepaid calling card is the best for you, since this card is so slim which you can put at any of your pockets and you can use almost anywhere. A lot of prepaid calling cards allow you to make calls on hotels and payphones.

If you are making international calls, prepaid calling card can give you convenience since it can help you save about 50%. If you use regular phone and cell phone, you will charge will huge taxes unlike in using prepaid calling card.
Yes, prepaid calling cards can give you convenience but since there are plenty of different cards in the market, you need to choose the one that can suit your needs and wants. Each card comes with different features and charges, so you need to check these all out first before purchasing a card.

It is important that you will be familiar with the charges and fees that prepaid calling cards may have.

One of the charges that a card may have is connection fee. Most prepaid calling cards do not possess this kind of charge. But of course, if the card has it, you need to read the fine print carefully in order to understand that it is for.

Another is maintenance fee. Maintenance fee is being charge weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Most prepaid calling cards come with expiration dates. Each card comes with different validity and expiration dates, so in buying one, you need to check out the expiration date first and make sure to use it before the said date to prevent inconvenience.

In finding the right prepaid calling card for you, you need to gain information about the card first. It is also wiser to purchase a prepaid calling card with the website that is reliable enough to give high-quality product and best services. So it is advisable to at least give few of your time to search for the right prepaid calling card for you that can suit your needs.

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Most people avoid making international calls because they’re afraid to expect to receive high charges that get billed at the end of the month or billing period.

However, with the entry of prepaid phone cards, this terrifying specter now remains only a nightmare of past consumer horror stories. This is because consumers encounter no monthly phone bills when it comes to using these call cards. Since the cards are prepaid, consumers get to control their phone call budgets, and limit calls to the basic and important ones only.

After each use, you can check the balance of your phone credits and plan on future calls. With this feature, consumers can monitor and track our call history as well. There are no contracts for consumers to sign, so you need not worry that you might have neglected to read the fine print that could cause you to pay for other additional charges and fees.

Prepaid phone Cards Also Enable Tax-Free Overseas Or Local Calls

The convenience of prepaid phone cards does not stop there. They generally can be used to contact your friends or relatives who may be anywhere in the world. They are flexible enough to accommodate calls not just within your local range but overseas as well.

Because phone card vendors and resellers are saving on marketing and other operational costs, customers are also able to benefit from their savings. It is noted that with using phone cards, one may be able to avoid the cost of taxes which come with the use of standard telephones in making international calls.

Consumers Need Not Worry About Excessive Call Charges

Probably one of the most practical methods of keeping in touch with family, kids, co-workers and friends, without the need to pay for excessive phone charges at the end of the month, is to have these phone cards. Most consumers who generally have been using these call cards have found out that using it for long distance calling really does make sense. These prepaid cards have various practical uses.

Call Overseas At Competitive Rates

If you find it hard to get a good long distance phone service at a affordable cost, then prepaid phone cards can surely help you out. These prepaid cards can be the answer to your needs for a lot of reasons. With prepaid call cards, you pay as you go so there will never be a chance that you have to pay for huge monthly long-distance phone bills.

As long as you charge your long distance calls on your phone card, expect that you only have to pay for basic service. However, you have to first go through the motions of dialing the card number before making a call.

There are plenty of prepaid call cards and each differs with rates, prices and services, and there are also cards that offer purely local or international coverage. Each prepaid phone card has different features, so you have to purchase the card that goes well with your needs. It would be helpful to gather enough information about the prepaid cards and compare each.

There are phone cards that offer low call rates but have hidden high surcharges, and there are those that offer high call rates with low surcharges. Consumers need to properly weigh things out before choosing the one that suits their preferences. If you are making long calls maybe about 10 minutes and more,a card with a high call rate and low surcharge is recommended.
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