In order to increase site traffic through the use of search engines, it is necessary to optimize your Web site to conform to the specifications dictated by the methods of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO experts emphasize the use of keywords optimization to hit the top rank of search engine results in search engines. But in truth, not everyone is familiar with SEO and how it affects search engine results.

SEO and Keyword Optimization

In order to look for specific information on the Internet, Web surfers use keywords on search engines to match it with different contents found in sites across the Web. When a match is found, the site information will be placed on search engine results according to it page rank and keyword density. The concept of SEO is to customize Web sites to conform to the function of search engines and target the top rank results.

Normally, a Web surfer will only utilize the top 10 list, or the first page, of search engine results; while the rest are considered as irrelevant information. Using keyword optimization, as well as the applying the concept of page ranking, it is possible to place your site as one of the top 10 and generate traffic from there.

First, you need to determine the proper keyword that will target your site’s overall theme. If your site is dedicated to your business venture, then it would be best to come up with keyword variations that will target your product and services. Now, it is very important that you not stick with one keyword alone; but, rather come up with different keywords that an individual might use when looking for the self-same info using search engines.

Optimizing Your Site With Keywords

In truth, you will start your keyword optimization with a little bit of planning. Try to come up with a list of possible keywords that will reflect your site’s content and list these down in a piece of paper. Integrate it into your site without ruining its original content when you’re done.

The best way to utilize keywords is to blend it with the rest of the body. You can use articles that contain these keywords and use it as your site’s content. You can even use these as text links or titles to different sections of your page. The gist here is to spread these keywords around to maximize search engine coverage.

But it’s not advisable to fill your site with keywords. Not only will it mess up your page, it may look redundant to your visitors as well – and you may even get your page banned by search engines if you spam keywords on your site.

To start off, place keywords on your site address, title, summary, Meta tag, and to the links found on your site. If you are using articles as page content, then make sure that you place keywords on the title, summary, first and second paragraph, body, and the last paragraph of your article. If it’s possible, start your article with a keyword, and let it end with one, since Web spider tends to follow this pattern when looking for information using keywords.

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